“Your dog is our pet”

With beautiful views to the mountains, each of the 20 individual kennels comes with a patio/ covered area, along with a bedroom providing a comfortable environment. Two large family kennels have their own private garden. Shade in the summer and warmth during the winter months. Beds & bedding are supplied, but we recognise that some owners will prefer to bring along their own bedding and toys, providing their pets with additional home comforts. Music is played throughout the kennels to help your dog relax and feel more at home.
Dogs are exercised at least twice a day and time is set aside for hands on treatment for every pet. We believe this contributes to the wellbeing of the pet and has added enormously to the success of the business. Life can be hectic and, if you're like us, your dogs are your family. So when you can't be with them because of work, holidays or other obligations, you want them to have the same TLC that you give them. That's exactly what we offer at Maserof Kennels.

Each kennel is cleaned twice a day, and maintained throughout the day, fresh water is always available. We pride ourselves with the highest standards of hygiene. We believe the recommendations and levels of repeat business we receive support our approach.

Your pet’s safety is our top priority. All dogs, over the age of one, must have up-to-date vaccinations, including Kennel Cough. We happily take on puppies from 10 weeks old, after first vaccinations.

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