About Us

About Us

Maserof Kennels is set in 12,500m2 of beautiful, tranquil countryside 7.3km from Jalon/Xalo in the Costa Blanca region. We are fully licenced and have been established for over 25 years.

About UsWith stunning views of the surrounding Bernia mountain range each of our 20 individual kennels comes with a patio/covered area, along with a bedroom providing a comfortable, relaxing environment for your pet benefiting from shade in the summer and warmth during the winter months.

We have clients from as far afield as Madrid, receiving recommendations from Vets from Gandia to Benidorm. Our website and Facebook page has also led to recommendations from happy customers. We believe these recommendations and also the regular repeat business we receive is testament to the service and care we provide.

Introducing myself; my name is Susie Western-Hicks, proprietor of Maserof Kennels, alongside my husband Andrew Hicks. We now have four rescue dogs of our own; two Galgos from Galgos Del Sol (the rescue centre in Murcia) as well as two Whippets that we brought to Spain with us from the UK.

I grew up with dogs, horses and various animals (mostly rescue) and they have been a massive part of my life. Fifteen years ago I went to a local Rescue Centre where I instantly fell in love with, and adopted, a small Lurcher called Jack. Within a year I had rescued another Lurcher called Harry. After Harry and Jack passed away I became interested in Greyhounds following research in to the conditions that racing Greyhounds often have to endure. I then adopted a Greyhound in the UK and this started my love affair with the breed. Since we moved to Spain I have become very passionate about the plight of the Galgos and have since adopted two Galgos.

I am passionate about animals. I am a caring person who conscientiously and continually provides only the highest quality service and care our clients should expect, building on the solid foundations developed here at Maserof Kennels over the last 25 years. My philosophy means that your pet is treated with the same love, care and respect as my own whilst they are with us here at Maserof. My top priority is that your pets are contented, safe and happy during their stay. I will personally look after your pets and thank you for trusting me to care for them whilst you are away.

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